The Rain Must Fall

Bring out the champagne again. My book, “The Rain Must Fall” has been published and is now available as a paperback hard copy at Based on a true family story, “The Rain Must Fall” is a tale of two sisters growing up in Connecticut during the elegance of the early 1900’s and coming of age in post World War I Europe. Travel with them as they move from the magnificence of Paris to the hustle and bustle of London, from the intrigue of Germany to the splendor of ancient Rome. Enjoy!

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3 Responses to The Rain Must Fall

  1. janebe says:

    Congratulations on getting it published! I’m loving “Chopsticks” so can’t wai to get this book too.

  2. Congratulations Vange! “The Rain Must Fall” is such a wonderful story. Your Mom would be thrilledI I cannot wait to read “Chopsticks”. LoL Danny

  3. vangemay says:

    Thanks Jane! I’m glad your enjoying it. Vangie

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